Mylife Needle Remover Application Quick and safe removal of pen needles.

    The mylife Needle Remover is the ideal safety tool for unscrewing pen needles.
  • Reduced risk of injuries from the needle
  • Enhanced security for healthcare professionals
  • Compatible with mylife Penfine & Clickfine pen needles from Ypsomed

Handling the mylife Needle Remover

Hold the injection pen (with the pen needle attached) in a horizontal position and then insert it into the mylife Needle Remover (into the blue opening).

Hold the pen at the cartridge position and turn the pen at least three times in the direction indicated or until the pen needle is unscrewed from the injection pen. Hold the mylife Needle Remover steady in your hand.

Hold the mylife Needle Remover just above the opening of the disposal box and then press the red button to eject the pen needle. The diameter of the disposal box opening must be at least 4cm.

Please contact us for further enquiries.


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