Combining a speaking valve with the strengths of an HME - with a simple twist

Speech is our most important means of communication, so losing one’s voice after going through a tracheostomy highly affects your life. Read more about the benefits you get from using ProTrach DualCare!

Atos Medical has more than 25 years of experience focusing on ENT and Head & Neck. We provide devices, solutions and education related to patients breathing through a tracheostoma.


Giving you back the ability to speak

Speech is our most important way of communicating. ProTrach DualCare gives back to you the ability to speak handsfree and can be used as soon as you can breathe on your own.

Taking care of your lungs

An Heat-and-Moisture Exchanger (HME) helps you take care of your lungs

After a tracheostomy, you no longer breathe through your nose and mouth, and air which is dry and too cold or too warm, enters your windpipe directly through the tracheostomy tube. This means that a large part of your airways is no longer sufficiently humidified, which can lead to increased mucus production and coughing. Using an HME regularly has been shown to reduce mucus production and coughing for most neck breathers, and as a consequence, using an HME can improve the quality of your life.

Breathing easier

An HME provides heat and moisture when breathing

This is how an HME works: When you breathe out through the HME, heat and moisture from your airways is kept within the HME. When breathing in again, this heat and moisture is released from the HME, and given back to your airways. This way, the drying out of your airways is reduced.

Day and night

An HME should be used day and night

It is very important to use an HME as much as possible, since the positive effect of heating and moisturizing is quickly lost when not wearing it. Optimal lung rehabilitation is only reached when the HME is used as continuously as breathing through one’s nose. ProTrach DualCare makes it possible for you to use an HME both day and night, in the daytime with the Speaking Valve and with the ProTrach HME DigiTop during sleep. ProTrach HME DigiTop also gives you the possibility to speak by covering the holes with your fingers.

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