Living with Laryngectomy

Going through a total laryngectomy means breathing through a stoma, instead of your nose and mouth. A laryngectomy means change, but it is still possible to live a fulfilling life. Listen to the voices of Roy & Tore and hear their stories.

Roy's voice

Tore's voice

The Provox System

The Provox System offers three core groups of products – the Provox voice prosthesis, Provox HMEs and Provox adhesives. Provox products are preferred globally and they are the result of 25 years of continuous product development and innovation.

The Provox system offers a complete range of standard voice prosthesis and accessories to provide users with good voice quality, low speaking effort, comfort, and easy device maintenance. In addition, several specialty voice prosthesis and accessories are available for solving problems such as early leakage through the voice prostheses and leakage around the voice prosthesis.

Provox® Vega™

Consistency, device life, voice quality and ease of voicing are important factors when choosing the right voice prosthesis. Clinical studies show that the Provox Vega has superior device life and that it provides the best voice quality, requires the lowest speaking effort and is the easiest and most effective to clean.

A majority of the users selected the Provox Vega as their preferred voice prosthesis compared to other voice prostheses.

    Provox Vega speech samples as perceived by clinicians in blinded ratings:
  • Less strained
  • Easier to understand
  • Produced with less effort
  • Having a better voice quality

Provox HMEs

Provox XtraFlow HME and Provox XtraMoist HME reduce mucus production and coughing by moisturizing, heating and filtering the air you breathe. They can also be used to speak with, using finger occlusion.

Provox FreeHands FlexiVoice offers both the freedom to speak hands-free and speaking with finger occlusion. Provox FreeHands FlexiVoice is a combination of a speaking valve and an HME.

Provox® XtraMoist HME™

Provox XtraMoist HME helps to keep your lungs healthy by humidifying and filtering the air that you breathe.. Put it on at night so you can get the best possible humidification and breathe comfortably.

  • Comfortable breathing
  • Reduces coughing and mucus production
  • Easy occlusion of the stoma for voicing
  • Can be used day and night
  • Low-profile design

Provox adhesives

The Provox adhesives are used to keep the Provox HME in place in front of your stoma. The Provox Attachments are available in a complete range of options so you can find the attachment that is optimal for you.

Provox® StabiliBase™

Provox StabiliBase is a strong adhesive that gives you better stability, especially if your stoma is deep. We recommend that you use it during the day when you speak a lot, or speak hands-free with Provox FreeHands FlexiVoice.

  • For speaking hands-free
  • For speaking much with finger occlusion
  • Sticks well to the skin
  • For a deep stoma

Provox® FlexiDerm

    Use Provox® FlexiDerm during the day when you are active, to attach your Provox HME.
  • For speaking with finger occlusion
  • Sticks well to the skin
  • For a flat stoma


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