Bodyflow® Electrotherapy devices have a single set frequency that cannot be altered. The products are manufactured in Germany and distributed from Germany.

Bodyflow® Clinical device – CX1

Features of the Bodyflow® Clinical Device include:

  • Industrial clinic based unit
  • Greater range of treatment Intensity between 0-75ma
  • Lower ongoing running costs (reusable suction caps and sponges).
  • Bodyflow clinical device is included in the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods (ARTG) with the TGA & CE Marked
  • 2 years manufacturer’s warranty (conditions apply*)
  • For a comprehensive list of accessories and prices, please contact your regional Bodyflow Distributor for more information.
  • *For Safety and Warranty, it is recommended that only Bodyflow® accessories (including Bodyflow® Electrodes) are used with Bodyflow® devices.

Bodyflow® Portable device – P2CH

The Bodyflow® Portable device offers flexibility for the patient/athlete to continue and maintain treatments within their own environment, home or routine.

Features of the Bodyflow® Portable Device include:

  • Portable unit device offers active treatment away from the clinic
  • Small and lightweight, Bodyflow® Portable Unit weighs only 485gms
  • Compact size at 175mm tall x 95mm wide x 45mm deep
  • Daily increased frequency of treatments
  • Rechargeable battery operated unit
  • Opportunities for rental and on-selling to patients
  • Safe intensity limit of 40mA
  • Uses high quality Bodyflow® electrodes
  • Bodyflow® devices are included in the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods (ARTG) with the TGA, CE Marked and FDA cleared.

Bodyflow Clinical Studies

Clinical Studies

Lymphoedema – Professor Neil Piller

Sponsored by Bodyflow International, Professor Neil Piller, a Lymphologist from Flinders Medical Centre in Adelaide, conducted trials of Bodyflow® Therapy on Lymphoedema patients. With over 300 published work and presentations, Professor Piller is one of the world’s key researchers on the treatment, management and recognition of Lymphoedema. Neil’s research on Bodyflow Therapy was published in July 2010 in the Journal of Lymphoedema and has been an important milestone in establishing the credibility of Bodyflow Therapy world-wide.

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Client Concordance and Wound Healing Using the BodyFlow™ Electrostimulation Device: Case Series

Sponsored by Bodyflow, Three case studies were undertaken with people with leg ulcers of primarily venous aetiology who were using no compression therapy or low compression therapy to assess adherence to the BodyFlow™ Therapy and wound progress. The case series found that concordance with the electrical stimulation treatment was achieved although none to the recommended schedule and with variation observed between and within clients. The treatment was well accepted by clients. Positive healing trends were observed for two of the three case studies. A single, blinded randomised controlled trial (RCT) pilot study will commence in 2014 to further appraise the clinical effectiveness and client concordance with electrical stimulation therapy for people with venous leg ulcers.


Charne Miller (BA Hons, GradDip Stat. Research Fellow, La Trobe University Alfred Health Clinical School) Bill McGuiness (DipT, BEd, MNS, PhD, RN. Head of School, School of Nursing and Midwifery, La Trobe University, Vic, Australia) Associate Professor Michael Woodward (MB, BS, MD, FRACP. Director Wound Management Clinic and Aged Care Research, Austin Health, Heidelberg, Vic, Australia).

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Sports Recovery – Simon Sostaric

Simon Sostaric is an exercise physiologist and coach with extensive international experience in physical preparation and performance monitoring of world-class athletes. Much of Simon’s work during the past 12 years has been investigating and implementing a multitude of training and recovery methods. Sostaric’s study sponsored by Bodyflow International, investigated the effects of Bodyflow® treatment on exercise induced skeletal muscle damage and soreness (DOMS – Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness), and subsequent contractile function and performance in humans. Sostaric explored the biochemical markers, exercise performance, and subjective pain scale responses to placebo or treatment.

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Increased Blood Flow – Dr Kurosh Parsi

Bloodflow, Fibrinolysis and Anti-Procoagulant Activity After Treatment of BodyflowTM in Healthy Subjects – Dr Kurosh Parsi Dr Kurosh Parsi of Sydney Skin and Vein is one of Australia’s leading Phlebologists. He is an active researcher and president of the Australian College of Phlebology. Parsi conducted trials sponsored by Bodyflow Interantional on the Bloodflow, Fibrinolysis and Anti-Procoagulant Activity After Treatment of BodyflowTM in Healthy Subjects.

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After evaluating Bodyflow Therapy by conducting internal case studies within their own clinical environment, many leading practitioners and sports trainers from around the world have now incorporated Bodyflow Therapy as an adjunct Therapy for both their respective patients and professional athletes.

“I have used Bodyflow consistently within my practice for the last year. It has been useful in the post-operative management of knee replacement surgery, expediting the removal of swelling and, thus, improving pain and range of motion. It has also been useful in reducing acute swelling following injury (and arthroscopy) to restore pain free function. It has become an accepted standard protocol with some of the Olympic athletes that I treat, for the treatment of acute soft tissue injuries, and we are using it more to help enhance recovery following training and competition”

Ian Horsley

EIS (English Institute of Sport) North West Regional Lead Physiotherapist & Clinical Director Back in Action Rehabilitation Ltd

“I have been using the Bodyflow system in my clinic in Brisbane for the last 3 years. Myself and all of my staff have found it a useful treatment tool for any sort of sub-acute or chronic oedema. Recovery times for these patients have dramatically improved. It has opened up a whole new demographic of patient to our clinic and has also given us a real point of difference to other health providers in the area. This has resulted in an increase in patient numbers and there has also been increased “passive” revenue due to the number of patients who are renting the portable units for home use on a weekly basis.”

Roger McIntosh

Principal Physiotherapist North West Physiotherapy, QLD Australia

Pro Sport

Bodyflow Therapy is now used by professional sports teams, athletes and institutions around the world, such as EIS, EPL, NBA, NFL, Pro Cycling, AFL, NRL & Olympic nations.

“The Intensive Rehabilitation Unit (IRU) part of the British Olympic Medical Institute has been fortunate to have used both a clinical Body Flow machine and several portable units. During this time we have used the modality with significant success in the reduction of clinical effusion in elite athletes. We have also looked at its efficacy for post-exercise recovery and the subjective feedback from athletes has been excellent. There is no doubt in my mind that this is cutting edge technology which should help to speed up rehabilitation times when used as part of a package of targeted intervention.”

Greg Retter

IRU Manager British Olympic Medical Institute

“We used Bodyflow to help rehabilitate one of the Team GB Taekwondo athletes following an ACL injury in the lead up to the London 2012 Olympics. Regular use of the Bodyflow portable device helped us reduce the negative effects of loading that were essential for pushing on and ensuring the athlete was ready to compete. We have also started to use the devices as part of our ‘pro-active’ recovery strategy.”

Leigh Halfteck

Team GB Taekwondo Physiotherapist English Institute of Sport

“Having used Bodyflow extensively in the past and being aware of its benefits for lymphatic drainage for sports performance recovery and injury recovery I was delighted to continue this relationship with Perform at St George’s Park. With the number of professional footballers attending St George’s Park for periods of intensive rehabilitation the Bodyflow is a key part of our management of inflammation in injury and recovery post sessions. Whilst the players are residential for their rehabilitation, this allows us to use the system a number of times a day to optimise the benefits it may have.”

Steve Kemp

Elite Football Physiotherapist Perform at St Georges Park


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