Lymphoedema is a chronic disease due to the malfunction of the lymphatic system.

There are two types of lymphœdema:

  • Primary lymphedema, which is a congenital defect, mainly affects the lower limbs. In the majority of cases, it is necessary to initiate management of the condition from childhood. Primary lymphedema can also occur in young adults.
  • Secondary lymphedema, on the other hand, is the result of damage to the lymphatic system, as a result of surgery or lymph node dissection.

Today more than 100 million people suffer from this disease worldwide.


This chronic disease requires continuous management in two phases, conducted successively on the basis of the cause of the lymphœdema. The cornerstone of this treatment is manual drainage (reduction phase) and elastic compression (maintenance phase).

Reduction phase

The reduction phase is also known as intensive decongestive treatment. It is conducted through draining and reducing bandages and is accompanied by manual or mechanical lymphatic drainage.

The aim is to reduce the œdema as much as possible until the volume is as close as possible to that of the opposite healthy limb. The advantage of bandages is that they can be adapted to the volume and can be repositioned again and again.

The maintenance phase

Once a satisfactory reduction in volume has been achieved, the maintenance phase begins, which involves wearing definitive compression orthotics (made-to-measure or standard). These garments are necessary to ensure that the benefits obtained using bandages are properly maintained.

Proper management of the maintenance phase will lead to less frequent manual lymphatic drainage.


Retention/compression can be achieved using a multi-layer bandage that effectively reduces œdema. The same principle applies for the wearing of adapted garments, which are used to stabilise the œdema, with compression promoting the circulation of lymph and retention making it possible to maintain a volume.

The addition of Mobiderm® effectively mobilises œdematous or indurated subcutaneous tissue by creating differentiated pressure zones between the foam cubes and their surrounding area. Mobiderm® is a unique, high-tech anti-œdema compression device.


  • speed of œdema volume reduction
  • increased suppleness of fibrotic or œdematous skin, etc.


  • Mobiderm®, with its lightness, comfort and flexibility, improves movements and hence drainage capacity.


  • extra-soft skin contact.
  • product conformability for a better anatomical fit.

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