Sim.LED – The LED standard for the OR 

Surgical lights from SIMEON give you consistency and reassurance as you conduct your operation under ideal lighting conditions. That’s because our patented reflector technology, cutting-edge multi-color or white-light LEDs, and the arrangement of the LEDs in a unique design provide more light without shadows. Further advantages of our surgical lights include low heat generation, long service life, low energy consumption as well as simple maintenance. Sim.LED also sets new standards in hygiene and cleanliness, thanks to their seamless enclosed construction and scratch-proof, easy-to-clean ESG safety glass. Our two product ranges, BusinessLine and HighLine, allow you to equip your ORs exactly the way you need it to meet the requirements of the operation and stay within your budget. Whether your focus is on the latest LED technology, the revolutionary design or the absolute cost-effectiveness, you’ll be sure that every operation is optimally lit with Sim.LED.

Secure flexibility for the future

With surgical lights from SIMEON, you will also have the certainty that you’re ready for whatever requirements the future may hold:

  • Easily incorporated into integrated systems via Sim.INTERFACE
  • System expansion via Sim.CAM camera and Sim.SCREEN monitor mounting arm systems
  • Sim.FLEX makes subsequent expansion easy
  • Environmentally friendly thanks to maximum energy efficiency with minimal heat generation
  • Service and maintenance-friendly
  • Upgradeable service software

Download Simeon SimFlex Operating Theatre Lights here.

The advantages of our patented reflector technology

The Sim.POD

One-of-a-kind technology: three high-performance, light-intensive LEDs – SC or MC – of the latest generation positioned in the center of a high-gloss aluminum reflector

Reflector Shadow Resolution System (RSRS)

Unparalleled light quality: The high reflector density generates a large light-emitting surface with a homogenous beam of light. The optimal bundling and overlapping of light rays give you ideal illumination in any situation – without any sensor systems or automatic light value adjustments This way, the surgeon can work without having to readjust.

Excellent laminar flow values

Ideal light yield with a small number of LEDs and an aluminum reflector provide extremely cool light, thus minimizing turbulences on the upper and lower surfaces of the light head. In contrast to the conventional plastics used elsewhere, the Sim.LED ensures ideal heat management thanks to its aluminum body.

Simeon Examination Light

The latest LED technology also for the examination field 

Challenging tasks demand more than conventional solutions. With the innovative Sim.LED family of examination lights, you benefit from all the advantages of the most modern LED technology:

  • the latest monochromatic white-light LEDs
  • patented reflector technology and
  • the arrangement of the LEDs in a unique design with a seamless sealed construction.

As a technological leader in the area of LEDs for the OR area, SIMEON has applied its extensive know-how to the examination lights. The result: The new Sim.LED family of examination lights combines the highest performance values and the best features with cost-effectiveness. Additionally, these lights also set new benchmarks in terms of energy consumption, hygiene and cleanliness. With SIMEON, you can be assured that the best examination lights are always available to you.

Patented reflector technology

  • Sim.POD: three high-performance LEDs of the latest generation in the center of a high-gloss aluminum reflector
  • Optimal illumination: homogenous light field
  • Maximum energy efficiency: Ideal light yield with a small number of LEDs and aluminum reflectors
  • Optimum heat management: best possible heat dissipation thanks to aluminum LED carriers

Download Simeon Examination Lights Brochure

Download Simeon HighLine Brochure

Download Simeon SimFlex Brochure

Simeon Sim.LED 4500

Sim.LED 4500 – the examination light with the highest light yield 
The Sim.LED 4500 is the ideal light for examinations and small outpatient operations which are routine in intensive care or plastic surgery. This product is characterized by its deal illumination, homogenous light and very good depth illumination. Another attractive aspect of the Sim.LED 4500 is its very low power consumption. The high-grade materials and unique design offer a wide range of adjustment options, smooth positioning and low heat output from the lights.

  • Sim.LED 4500: the ideal light for in-depth examinations
  • Homogenous light field thanks to patented reflector technology
  • Full flexibility for individual light setting

Simeon Sim.LED 3500+

Sim.LED 3500+ – the modern examination light 
The Sim.LED 3500+ gives your OR excellent light quality and an optimal light-emitting surface for examinations. Its six Sim.PODs produce large-area, homogenous light. The innovative triangle design lends this modern light an especially attractive appearance. Its low weight makes it easy to move.

  • Maximum light-emitting surface and optimized visibility thanks to optimized depth illumination
  • Seamlessly sealed design meets the highest hygienic demands
  • Continuously variable dimming

Simeon Sim.LED 350

Sim.LED 350 – Efficient and flexible in practice
  The Sim.LED 350 ensures OR light quality and optimum light yield on a defined area with this three geometrically arranged reflectors in a triangle design. Here too, the triangle design results in a modern, innovative look that fits in anywhere.

  • Optimized visibility thanks to optimized depth illumination
  • Seamlessly sealed design meets the highest hygiene demands
  • Light head made of light aluminum allows for fast and steady maneuverability

Simeon Sim.LED 250

Sim.LED 250 – reduced to the optimum 
The Sim.LED 250, with a Sim.POD and a total of 3 LEDs, is the ideal light for your individual examination needs since it offers an optimal light yield. Thanks to its flexibility and optimal downsizing, the Sim.LED 250 fits well with every type of use, in every place of operation.

  • Seamlessly sealed design meets the highest hygiene demands
  • Light head made of light aluminum allows for fast and steady maneuverability

Thanks to the variable mounting system, you can mount your Sim.LED 250 examination lights on the ceiling or on the wall or use it as a mobile version. With the Sim.LED 250, your technology will always be state-of-the-art.

Please contact us for further enquiries.


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