You have just undergone breast surgery and a thousand thoughts are racing around inside your head. What next? What is my life going to be like from now on? You will want answers to a lot of questions. Your doctor will be able to answer most of them, and we hope that you will feel more assured as you enter a new phase of life.

SILIMA® breast forms are associated with a pleasant and natural feeling to make you feel safe and confident. Different sizes and versions are available to ensure the best possible solution for your personal situation. The manufacturer,Thuasne Thamert worked with medical experts to develop the anatomical shape of the breast forms and match them to the body‘s contours. Nothing weighs heavily, constricts, or is visible under clothing. The matt, velvety surface was developed to resemble the natural feel of skin. The breast forms adapt well to the body and moves along with you naturally. The materials are skin-friendly, easy to care for, and resistant to chlorine and salt water.

Worn with a special SILIMA® bra, these breast forms always create an aesthetically pleasing and harmonious profile. Your natural body image is recreated, right down to the last detail.

Individuality for a natural appearance


The development of SILIMA® breast forms reflects current surgical methods and compensation requirements, resulting in a wide variety of forms and versions to ensure the best possible solution for you. Symmetrical and asymmetrical breast forms are available following mastectomy, or removal of the entire mammary gland. Asymmetrical breast forms with lateral extension compensate any volume deficit resulting from the removal of the lymph nodes at the side of the breast under the arm. To give you a natural appearance. Symmetrical SILIMA® breast forms are ideal where there is no, or only very little, difference in volume at the side of the breast under the arm.

Recent findings indicate that a lightweight breast form is usually the better solution from a medical perspective. Most women feel better with a lightweight breast form, including those who have a tendency towards lymphœdema or a larger bust, and women who engage in various sports activities.


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